Used Car Oil Pump for Sale

All modern vehicles require a certain amount of lubrication for working parts to avoid combustion or dry out issues. Oil, when placed under pressure, does provide a substantial amount of lubrication for automotive parts. When someone is ready to replace a pump, learning how to buy a used car oil pump for sale is a great skill set to master as a consumer.

How a Vehicle Oil Pump Works

Every engine has moving parts. These parts can work harder or softer depending on the acceleration of the throttle. Because clean oil is essential for parts and for transmissions, the oil pump serves an important purpose. A series of exchange hoses are attached to an average pump to disperse oil from one part of an engine to another. There can be slider, rotor and geared pump mechanisms in working systems.

When Oil Pumps Need to Be Replaced

A person can usually tell when a pump is going bad by researching for two common issues. The first is when oil is noticeable when a vehicle is parked. Oil that leaks from a transmission pan or from the engine is never a good sign. The second is when pumps lose pressurization and can leak essential oil. Just the right amount of oil pressure in a closed or open type system is essential for proper vehicle operation. A pressure gauge is installed in all vehicles produced after 1975 to help identify fluid issues.

Average Lifespan of a Car Oil Pump

All pumps have filters that should be changed out periodically as part of a good maintenance routine. Dirty oil can seriously degrade the performance of any pump. Most automakers design pumping systems to work for 15 to 25 years without interruption. Car owners are expected to provide incremental oil chances and flushes to provide a clean source of oil. A good used pump purchased from a reliable dealer will likely have been tested for leaks and filter issues prior to sale.

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