Auto Salvage Yards in WV

West Virginia salvage yards make money by helping consumers find usable parts. When a yard buys a vehicle, it has the intention of dismantling the non-working car, truck, van or SUV. What happens next is that parts are put into inventory and prices are established. The problem is that some yards require in-person visits to purchase what they offer. Anyone can search auto salvage yards in WV by using this automated website.

It is hard to know which yards are the most reliable when looking at phone directories. Most companies pay third-party designers to make a great advertisement. What really matters to consumers if the right auto parts are available to buy. What provides is an instant resource to find the top yards selling across WV in all of the 55 counties.

Junk Car Parts from WV Yards

When a vehicle is considered junk, insurance companies drop claims and sell off the motor vehicle to a secondary source. This is how most West Virginia yards build their inventory. Technology in the auto industry has been improved since the 1960s. Some yards specialize in only classic components. There are other places that have the best hybrid or motorcycle parts for sale.

The partner yards that provide immediate price tags when searching for inventory at this website have been evaluated. There is a complete and accurate inventory displayed for every component type available. This means that an old Chevy van or a new Ford truck can be fixed up with good condition parts.

Foreign Scrap Yards Around WV

Not all components used in vehicles are made in the United States. In fact, many are made in Mexico, Canada and European countries. This means more shortages for consumers. Finding a yard that is able to supply import car parts is crucial. Due to importation fees, there are lot of salvage companies that do not distribute foreign automotive parts or related accessories.

The vast listings of scrap yards around West Virginia that appear on this web portal are all located in state. This means both mom and pop sellers and larger corporate yards. Since scrap metal is big business nationwide, there are some yards that now cover the gamut of automotive scrapping for foreign vehicles.

Search WV Auto Junk Yards Here

The search tool presented to users on this website is not just a local tool. It stretches the entire range of the 304 and 681 area codes. This means that auto salvage companies in Parkersburg, Fort Gay, Mason, Pine Grove, Star City, Sutton, Worthington, Huntington, Dunbar, Wheeling, Clarksburg, Charlestown and other places can be located.

There is no better way to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or regular computer to seek out junk yards in real time. is always updated and provides an easy and secure way to buy preowned auto parts. No in-person visits or haggling with a small car parts store is required using this portal.