Aftermarket Cruise Control for Sale

The ability to control a vehicle without pressing on the accelerator pedal is the idea behind what cruise control offers to motorists. While this technology was used to improve driving on state highways, keeping a consistent speed is not always possible due to component failure. Car owners can buy aftermarket cruise control units for sale using this website online.

How to Diagnose Cruise Control Issues

Before diagnosing any problem with a cruise control system in a vehicle, it can be a big help to determine the OEM manufacturer of the components. Not all automakers actively manufacture CC components and use outsourced companies for foreign or American cars. Not all automakers certify aftermarket parts although all brands of OE parts can be searched here online.

Cruise Control Units Used in Vehicles

There are commonly two different types of control systems that are used to set the desired speed while operating a vehicle. Older vehicles built before 1995 use what is known as an electronic system. A solenoid is attached to a throttle control sensor that engages or stops a control unit. The exact position of the vehicle accelerator pedal is affected by an electronic pulse.

A newer version of this control system is known as an adaptive control. A laser is used to determine how close a vehicle is in front of a vehicle with cruise control enabled. This helps adjust the throttle based on distance instead of the position of an accelerator pedal. The bad news is that any type of CC unit can fail without warning.

Common Parts Failures for Cruise Control

There are no less than eight different components that can go bad in any electrical or adaptive control design. A module with or without a PCM can be affected. There are solenoid switches now placed into brake pedals that can fail abruptly. The actual speed senor, throttle motor and indication switches can fail alongside of the body control module.

Fuses are now used to control the amount of electric that flows from the cruise control unit to switches or other components. Ford, Kia, Jeep, VW, Chevy and other top auto companies have experienced issues with some parts used in classic and modern cruise control systems.

Buying Cheap Aftermarket Parts Online

Some auto owners swear by OEM parts that are purchased only from dealerships while other have faith in secondary parts manufacturers. specializes in both OEM and aftermarket parts distribution to provide a usable resource to the public. Parts in brand new, used and remanufactured condition are marketed through the listed inventory that any consumer can browse through on this web portal.